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Red Victor



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Wednesday 22nd March
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Benni said:
Andy, you really are a stubborn brit..........and I have deep respect for that.

Raising the bar to top level and not giving up in achieving your goal.

Since I am not on fb and will not attend the BBQ, how can I give a little support ?

There once was a bank account that I could use, is that still active ?
Indeed i am Benni. It's a trait unfortunately.. lol
You can use redvictor1@hotmail.com on Paypal. Other than that i would need to send you the current bank details as the old ones aren't relevant now.
If the latter i would need your e mail address.

Look forward to seeing you there Ian. And thank you for your introduction to Sheik Mohammed.

Flying Phil

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Friday 24th March
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Thanks for the update and sorry that the heads didn't get the job done - best wishes for November!


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Monday 31st July
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New heads are now made.
Will be winging their way over here soon.

There is another 5 second club (open to anyone) get together end of September.
Be great to see as many as possible come along.
All goes towards getting the engine rebuilt and ship it and the crew back over to bahrain to complete the job.