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Tuesday 1st August
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Wow ! I went for the first time with my youngest, what a great day and an amazing mix of cars - still have loads of photos to edit but here are some

32 ford[/url] by damianmkv, on Flickr

ba racing[/url] by damianmkv, on Flickr

twin turbo diesel LWB landrover[/url] by damianmkv, on Flickr

wheelie[/url] by damianmkv, on Flickr

marc manning[/url] by damianmkv, on Flickr

george chiarella[/url] by damianmkv, on Flickr

more in the below album



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Tuesday 1st August
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Some brilliant pics there, congratulations !

Was this your first trip to SPR or the first time with your son ? How did he like it, cars, pits, side show attractions ?

What kind of camera and lens did you use ?


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Wednesday 2nd August
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Not the first trip for either of us - I've been going for 30 years ( that makes me feel old ) and my son has been coming with me for more than 5. My other son has been going since he was 18 months old, so 12 years for him.

My youngest is 10 and loved it - he loves nosing around the pits, especially the Pro Mods where he'll hang around and introduce himself

I use an Olympus e-m1 and 40-150 f2.8 for these. It can be really frustrating as mirrorless cameras have a knack of losing focus lock, especially the older ones like I have. Maybe I'll upgrade one day

Next stop - the Euro finals


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Thursday 3rd August
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Fine photos. Thank you for sharing them.


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Friday 11th August
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Always love Mopar euronats and the 24th did not fail to amaze. There are always some special cars there, this year saw a 69' Charger 500 rare car especially in europe.

I spent the wekend helping Andy Boz and managed to get to the quater finals of the Nostalgic Superstocks so well happy!