SFI Tour 2021- for what and for whom ?

SFI Tour 2021- for what and for whom ?



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Tuesday 2nd March
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I was surprised to read about the upcoming SFI Tour, where certified inspectors look at certain safety-related parts,

and check them for wear, tear, date of manufacture and eventually obsolete tags & stickers.

My guess is that 95% of the cars which had their parts inspected and proofed did not even leave the garage in 2020,

because of the whole FIA season was cancelled, and these cars very, very rarely do RWYBs or "airfield events"

due to the amount of track quality and prep they need to get the power on the ground and arrive safely.

It is some amount of work and money to remove a bellhousing etc. from a car and to transport / send it to the inspection,

in my opinion only the cars that have been on track under power in 2020 should need re-certification.

The number of cars is low, the number of events in 2020 was even lower, those machines don´t fly under the radar,

so why has every car & part to be re-certified & tagged even if it has not run at all since last inspection ?


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Wednesday 3rd March
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I can see the point your are making Benni, but just consider how much stress and load some of this pro stuff goes through.....

I get the lack of mileage, but ageing must also play a part in strength.

If I was dumping the left pedal in a Pro Mod Id want to know the can wasnt going to explode if the clutch let go......