F20C vs K20A

F20C vs K20A



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Monday 25th May
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Looking at S2000's

How does an F20C compare to the K20A?

All i hear or read is that the F20C is gutless unless its on the boil, but then it was the same for the K20A when I bought a DC5 and actually it was completely fine low down and one of the best driving experiences Ive had up top. The top end more than made up for any lack of grunt low down, but even low down it was ok. Same story with the F20C? Long as it goes mental top end like the K20 does then I'd be happy. Gearing look short enough to make up for the low down grunt as well.



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Monday 25th May
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I can’t answer your question because I’ve never driven a K20A. But I have an S2000 after TVR, Lotus, Alpina and Porsche. It is what it is and it does what it does exactly as you describe. As long as you know what to expect I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. It certainly isn’t gutless, but to make progress you have to wring it out. The vtec point is noticeable (which is part of the fun) but it’s perfectly driveable when cruising out of vtec.


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Sunday 21st June
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https://youtu.be/MT6V1wYXRyE what about an s2000 with a k20?


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Wednesday 24th June
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F20C is fine- if you’ve had a DC5 then it will be comparable


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Sunday 28th June
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F20C isn't gutless at all. The power delivery is linear even with VTEC. There is a small kick but the power is not "nothing nothing nothing - then everything" like some say. It gets up and goes from 3000.

My theory about the people with particularly strong feelings that an F20C is slow to pick up speed, is that they've driven a car with sticky calipers. It's really common on S2000s and both the pistons and the slider pins get stuck, so it's no good just swapping calipers - the caliper bracket slide pins need refurbishment too.

I have owned an EP3 too, so not a K20A. The behaviour is similar to the F20C.


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F20 is adequate you just need to be a bit further up the rev range to still have the overtaking capabilities of an average diesel.

Good fun on the boil though as said.