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Tuesday 21st August 2012
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Good morning all

Just thought I would let you know of an event happening 6th to 9th September in Montreux:


I have just spoken to the organisers and they have 80 cars for now but would be happy for up to 5 more. So if you are interested please look at the website above.

I will run with my RS.

Let me know if you are spectating.




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Wednesday 22nd August 2012
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Sounds great. Unfortunately the wife is off to Paris with a girlfriend that weekend so won't be able to make it. Make sure you get some pictures!


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Thursday 23rd August 2012
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I spoke to somone recently who attended one of the last one of these events with a friend. His cooking Ferrari was unlucky enough to be caught by the speed camera that they had set up on the circuit to keep everything under control... His punishment was exclusion from the remainder of the event. While you can begin to understand that some limits are required as it is a very tight environment with only a small safety margin he felt hard done by as apparently the more exotic cars were allowed to run a bit faster....

I went to the one 7(?) yrs ago when the FXX was recently out and it was impressive to hear that beast in close promimity...