Registering an Oldtimer in Switzerland

Registering an Oldtimer in Switzerland



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Friday 20th July 2018
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We are moving to Switzerland from the USA and I have a number of cars that I will be bringing with the moving, including an "oldtimer".
This car is from 1971 (the time of no CoC or any other EU bureacracy) and it was sold in Europe at the time but in very small quantities. Anyone has gone through the pain of registering something like this in goold old Suisse ? Thanks in advance.


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Thursday 26th July 2018
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No direct experience, but my wife's work colleague had a complete ball-ache importing classic motorbikes.

I'd seriously encourage you to do some digging on this before bringing the car over. You might find yourself headed for a world of trouble. Any departure from manufacturer's standard spec redoubles the trouble, as I understand it.

That said, I do see a number of American classics on the roads here. It might be worth googling some local specialists and seeing what advice and support they can provide.


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Thursday 23rd August 2018
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I did import and register 3 cars in Switzerland. A 1971 car is usually no problem at all (and I rather would be worried about the newer ones). I believe, if you have been more than one year abroad, you will benefit of duty & tax free import of all your belongings and cars. To register a car in Switzerland you NEED the original car documents. The car will be checked according Swiss laws based on the year when the car was registered the first time (and not when it was built !) The car must be in original condition, i.e. unmodified/replaced engine, brakes, etc. Everything that was obviously altered may become a problem. The data in the car document must of course match to the car (e.g. engine number, etc.). If its a RHD car you would need to change lamps and add a left wing mirror.

What kind of car is it ?