noisy cars in Switzerland

noisy cars in Switzerland



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Monday 11th March 2019
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Some mates and I are thinking of a bit of an alpine tour later this year. Some of the cars have been de-catted and/or have rather noisy exhausts. Assuming we drive sensibly and don't take the p*ss in built-up areas are we likely to get any aggro from the Swiss police for the noisy cars and almost certain emissions failures if they were to be spot tested ? They're fully registered in the UK but as we know UK MOTs and testers are a bit more "flexible" than the Swiss are.


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Tuesday 12th March 2019
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I would say the police are likely to stop you if they see you - especially if late. They love to stop a foreign car if it's a but unusual. Doubt they would spot-test you though, and if they did probably they would just tell you to leave! After all, your cars supposedly meet UK regulations, and therefore you should be allowed to drive, at least temporarily in Switzerland. I certainly would try to avoid drawing attention though in built up areas!

(this is btw experience of living in the geneva/vaud region for 10 years and driving here with UK plated cars)


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Tuesday 12th March 2019
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Was planning on taking my 981 Cayman with "race headers" through Switzerland on way back from Italy, I'm coming from Germany through Austria might go that way back if noise it going to be an issue.

Could also turn PSE off I suppose.


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Tuesday 19th March 2019
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OP, I think you hit the nail on the head when you said- don't take the p!ss. Drive sensibly, to the speed limit and with good lane discipline, indicating and keeping respectable distance and you should be fine.

I would have thought you'd be OK; you'd be a bit unlucky to be stopped by the police too. There is (thankfully) not so many police out patrolling the passes where you can have a bit of fun, and I haven't come across many speed cameras up on the passes either (strangely!)

I have been out on the passes with a PHer a few times who has possibly the loudest Exige you have ever heard. (we both live here in Switzerland, cars registered here too of course). So loud that following behind in tunnels, your chest cavity is vibrating... there is also a new Alfa Stelvio nearby our house which is ridiculously loud too. So loud cars do exist here as well. Not sure how they get by our MoT equivalent, presumably an exhaust swap every few years...

The interesting thing about driving on the passes is that you don't have to be blitzing the 80 km/h limit to have a lot of fun- acceleration out of hairpins, later braking, admiring the views etc.


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Tuesday 9th April 2019
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I work in Zug where there are plenty of noisy supercars and as long as no one takes the piss the 5O won't pull you over. If its late however on a regional road you run the risk of a spot check for drink driving.