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Track car or weekend car

Track car or weekend car



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Sunday 30th September 2012
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Picture of Rockingham didn't seem to show first time round.


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Monday 1st October 2012
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Jubal said:
Porkie said:
Both of your answers tell me that you should stick to weekend cars and forget about trackdays completely.
That's a bit harsh. Everything is relative. The OP should actually read a track day insurance policy though. You need to balance the potential loss with the excess you'll commonly find on these policies. It's rarely worth it for a cheap car IMO.
and what about the fact that he thinks a VX220 isnt fast enough to be thrilling?!?!?!?


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Monday 1st October 2012
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My track day excess is £1,300.

OP - i like the dilemma!


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Monday 1st October 2012
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As above choose something you want to drive at weekends and can do the odd trackday in.

I reckon my VX is plenty fast enough on the straights, but as others have said trackdays aren't really about that. So much choice, I guess you need to get out there and try somethings out.

Loving the pictures of the TVR mind.


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Saturday 13th October 2012
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I test drove a 350Z and WRX STI last week. STI was fast but seemed a little soul-less while the 350Z seemed 'more special' despite appearing a little slow at first due to the lack of turbo punch, however, once you get into the high revs it flys!

Up until now I have been drawn to the above cars but I have had a change of heart and decided that I will go down the cheaper track car route. Spend under £2k on a hot hatch, proabably a clio 172/182 (or something), add a few simple mods and start attending some track days!

RB Will

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Sunday 14th October 2012
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Have a look in the bike engined section of the classifieds. Usually something in there in your budget that will do fast in a straight line, hilarious on track and cheap parts.


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Monday 15th October 2012
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You've got two different set of requirements, and I'd be surprised if you really needed a weekend car and a track car.

What do you REALLY want to do?

I bought a Caterham a few weeks ago as toy/track car, but we've found we actually enjoy just going for a drive on the weekends in it. Given the type of car, going fast everywhere doesn't seem to matter, it's just the sense of occasion from driving it.

I will, definitely, get some trackdays done next year, but for now, using it as a weekend car is fine.

If you looked at a VX220 or Elise, I'm sure it would cover most ground quite happily!

Good luck with the Clio route though. Aside from a couple of well documented issues, they're known for having pretty reliably engines, and are definitely giant slayers at track days!