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Track days for beginners | PH Explains



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Monday 19th June 2023
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QBee said:
nickfrog said:
Pedaller said:
Would anyone know what the "novice only car 2" and "novice only car 3" items are on this page?

Quite confused by it. The way they are named almost sounds like it's a way to bring 2 or 3 cars, but that can't be correct can it!? laugh But on the other hand, there is a reserve list for "car 1", so if "car 2" and "car 3" are the same product then why does the reserve list exist?
As it's a sessionned format rather than open pit lane I think it refers to what group you would be in. 1 would have the first 20mn session, 2 would do the second and 3 the third one and then presumably 1 would do the 4th, 2 the 5th etc ...
I was wondering what it could mean, but that makes perfect sense.

It's no worry at all being in a later group, they run strictly to time, so if say Group 1 suffers a car failure and they have to red flag it to recover the failed car, it's their time they lose, not yours.
It's actually not a bad thing to be in a later group. About 1 in 3 track days start with a damp track, so having the racing line dried a bit by others can be quite helpful. The only downside is you are later into the cafe at lunchtime smile

Honestly, you will either love it or just think "meh". If you love it, you will be back for more, and as soon as you feel confident enough, go on road car only open pit lane days. This avoids tangling with race cars having a pre-race shakedown.
If you do go on an open pit lane day, one tip - ignore the first 20 minutes of track time and go out when things have calmed down a bit. If you have ever owned dogs, you will recognise the first 20 minutes as being a bit like releasing 40 over-excited spaniels into your back garden.
Thanks both. That had crossed my mind actually but the Bedford novice day is the only one that has the 3 car thing. But it seems to be the most plausible!


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Sunday 25th June 2023
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Today I booked my first ever track day smile I’m going to Brands on the 6th July for a Novice Day in my F55 MINI Cooper S.

I say it’s y first ever track day, but I’ve done a few experience days over the years and also went the whole hog and did my ARDS test at Brands about five years ago, although I’ve never actually raced.

I’m looking forward to it. I’m going to do a brake fluid change next weekend and I’m also going to have a glance through the wheels tomorrow to see the state of my pads so I can order some replacements if required.


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Monday 3rd July 2023
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C70R said:
Mr_Buller said:
It's a mix of expensive tyres and brakes (Porsche 997 which is my daily) and the fact that I don't really know what I'm doing track driving wise.

I guess the question I'm asking is will I learn anything from the experience days or am I better doing a track day at Goodwood and paying the extra for some time with the instructors?
A good experience day (like Palmersport or Thruxton), yes. Some supercars on an airfield, probably not.
Anyone tried Hype Motorsports track experience days? It’s more expensive than Palmersport but I was hoping more they would offer more track time and less waiting around. I think their cars are track modified Cayman GTS, Alpine 110, BMW M2. Thanks