Petrol tank full or half full at start ?

Petrol tank full or half full at start ?



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Sunday 6th June
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Fuel pickup on my TVR is on the passenger side bottom corner of the tank.
So long left handers have the engine coughing when the tank is less than half full.
OK, most UK tracks run clockwise, but it is still an issue once or twice a lap at most of them.

If you don't habitually take loads of spare fuel with you in jerry cans, then the availability of fuel at the track is also a consideration.
My TVR does 23mpg on the road, 8 mpg on track.
So I am visiting the pump twice a track day on average, and using around 90 litres in a full day (52 litre tank).


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Tuesday 8th June
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alfa-alex said:
Fuel is heavy!

Quarter tank and add as required smile
That would get me 4-5 laps maximum around spa :smile:


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Tuesday 8th June
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I just keep a constant 1 gallon in the tank, and keep it topped up from a 50 gallon drum I carry on the back seats.

Am I playing this game right? wink


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Wednesday 9th June
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Yeah, brim it and then consider refueling when it gets down to quarter of a tank. Too much faff to do anything else and don't be that guy that runs out of fuel on track.

Oh and recounting the tale told at a drivers briefing at the Nurburgring...'If you have a Nissan GTR, fill it with fuel and don't try to do 3 won't make it!'.


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Monday 21st June
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foxsasha said:
Just brim it. Refilling after each sessions is a faff and I'll bet a packet of cheese and onion Seabrook that you see zero lap time difference. Not least because you no doubt won't be timing.

Quite a lot of hatchback-type cars it's even slung below the wheel centres.