car collection service?

car collection service?



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Tuesday 8th June
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Hi Guys,

Just bought a non-runner from up in Scotland and wondered if anyone can recommend a collection service?

Thought I would post in here as track cars are so often transported.



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Tuesday 8th June
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The usual first port of call is Shiply, see if you can get a deal by using a trailer being brought back down south that would otherwise be empty.

david mcc

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Tuesday 8th June
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My brother owns Glasgow Recovery, they have several trucks running up and down the country each day. They have done quite a few jobs for folk on here and the feedback has been all positive.

Shiply can be good at times but its also full of cowboys running illegally without the right licences, insurance or operators licence. Plenty of folk will just throw anything onto the back of a 3.5T beavertail and hope that they dont get stopped. I wouldn't take the chance myself.