Highish mileage silver Grey

Highish mileage silver Grey



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Tuesday 6th December 2016
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Good shout.

I would worry about the 1M trying to kill me, remember Top gear lol. The Cayman R is sweet, but not they have brought out the GT4 i'd feel inferior if it pulled up next to me.


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Tuesday 19th September 2017
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The cost of a new engine would be c.£20k

The cost of a gearbox etc high too

It's not worth the risk imho


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Tuesday 19th September 2017
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To even then argument, I suggest you try and drive one for an extended period before throwing any money at one. It's THE biggest disappointment of a car for me, a dream car that once owned under delivered!

I owned it just before the prices rocketed and even at low 30's I felt they were over priced!

The chassis and engine are very well suited but the gearbox, my god, it's utterly crap! If they had used a manual box, for me, the car would have been massively more capable.

I will no doubt have people arguing the case for the box but my opinion is my opinion, so I advise you form your own opinions before splashing the huge cash these are now commanding.