Wiseco shim kit

Wiseco shim kit



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Monday 24th October 2016
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If anyone wants to know what one looks like:

A Wiseco shim next to a BMW one:


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Monday 24th October 2016
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I've used them on my e46 m3 wsk4 ones exactly the same


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Wednesday 15th February 2017
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I've used them and they have been fine. Courtesy of yourself Helix402 smile.

The only difference I can see is that the BMW items have more a thicker coating, which I guess could be a wear in coating potentially. But almost 3,000 miles on and all is well.

Despite what some specialists say the clearances do make a difference to the running of the car. Mine seems to pull better than before, especially in the midrange, and if I am honest it was a grumpier car when cold when I bought it.

I drove a friend's M3 which had them done in addition to a few other bits and at the time his pulled better than my car in all honesty from just the ass dyno ; I didn't know until the end that he had all of that work done.

That said, I have done an Inspection I on the car using Castrol 10W60 which may have made a difference ; I'm not sure what oil the last specialist used when they serviced it but I doubt it was Castrol for the amount they charged (£230 for the oil, all of the filters, 6 spark plugs ; these all looked 10k old when I did the Inspection I).