BMW E9 CSL Batmobile Replica

BMW E9 CSL Batmobile Replica



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Wednesday 8th February 2017
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Hi all!
We've got a small car service station in Russia, and a big dream - the legendary BMW Racing car from 1970-s, the E9 Batmobile. This rare car costs a fortune, and we decided to build our own replica of the legend, as close to the original, as possible (at least in the appearance ).

Of course, there is no E9 road cars in our country, and we have chosen the E28 as "donor".
So, we have found 1985's E28 520, in "not very rusty" condition (it is the best option of E28 here).

We have seen some info about the similar project in Europe (Norway, as we remember), the guys have made the "Batmobile" from e28 too, using factory steel body panels with extenders. We chose the other way - to use self-made fiberglass body panels. This way caused a lot of hard work. Also, we were very lucky to find vintage BBS wheels.
The car's body was totally restored, because "rusty batmobile" with few holes in bottom was not our dream smile

I hope, we've succeeded with car's appearance, and later I hope will do the same with it's performance smile Now the car has just stock 520's powertrain and suspension.

The full information about the process you may find on our website:


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Monday 5th June 2017
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wow, good job! You're definitely not messing around. Well done.


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Tuesday 19th September 2017
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good job,

Ive got a front splitter a rear arch and a grp vented bonnet from a race csl batmobile if of any interest to you?