M3 CSL seats

M3 CSL seats



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Thursday 16th February 2006
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Before I bought my Noble I was really taken with the M3 CSL but, after driving one for a whole day, I found the seats gave me backache between the shoulder blades... the 'wings' of the seat seemed to push my shoulders forward. It's a real shame as I loved everything else about the car!

I'm now back in the market for another car and wondered whether anyone had had the same problem as me and done something about it? I did a search and found a few comments about tilting the seat, but I'm not sure that'll fix the problem for me. A different seat is probably the way forward, but what will fit in?

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Thursday 16th February 2006
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Dom, a couple of the guys at www.bm3w.co.uk have swapped the seats for some after-market Recaros trimmed in teh CSL alcantara and cloth. Check out the CSL forum there. One of the guys is Gregior.