2016 gearbox worries

2016 gearbox worries



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Thursday 8th October
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I was quite set on buying a 2016 Soort Nav 2.0 from a private buyer, full history and 41,000 miles until I read that Mazda have a various amount of gearbox revisions for synchro problems. It totally out me off, should it? How bad are they and would it out you off? My budget doesn’t allow for a new one or even a 2018. I fear parting with my cash then being stuck with a car that needs a new box.

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Monday 12th October
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It’ll be fine - see how it is on the test drive.

Box might be a tiny tiny bit notchy when cold, but once warm should just slide into gear, clutch should bite faint low, certain in the first 1/4 of travel. The bigger issue with some of the boxes was the 2nd Or 3rd gears teeth stripping, but as mentioned they had to be fairly abused to do this.

I’m sure there is the odd exception, but the majority of cars affected were raced or used for track days.

I generally am very wary of garages but my local dealer is good, I get on well with the service manger - the worst issues they have had with the mk4 was the roof, which was a recall. Apart from the rear discs being prone to rusting if not used much, they generally don’t seem to go wrong.

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Monday 12th October
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I'd give it a good test drive and you'll soon know if there is a problem.
I worked at a Mazda dealership between 2006-2012 and never saw any gearbox related issues
The back plates behind the rear brake discs are prone to rust, and wheels can slowly corrode over time, but nothing much else to worry about..
Is just a great little car to enjoy driving.