Topless , at last !!

Topless , at last !!



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Tuesday 18th May
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I put the hardtop on my Mk2 facelift MX for winter 2019/20 . Then came the pandemic ,lockdown , and SORN for most of 2020 summer , into winter and hard top stayed on , winter came and went , weather iffy for spring , even now a few days of sun and showers , finally bit the bullet and off with hard top over the weekend , and today even with threatened showers , top down , did I miss that ! looking forward to a topless summer, the car is coming up to 19 years old , I have had it from new , now done 57k and enjoyed every mile


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Wednesday 19th May
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Good work. I need to get my Mk 1 up and running again, it hasn't been out of the garage for about 18 months. Having said that I haven't been out in a car since I got my first Covid jab on 7th March, so not a lot of point at the moment.