MX5 NB Sill repair in gloucestershire

MX5 NB Sill repair in gloucestershire



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Saturday 12th June
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Just impulse bought a £500 1999 MX5 1.8 that is in mostly great condition other than rust sills that cause an MOT failure.

I'm aware it's a thing that most NA/NBs suffer from and can be done from £250-£500.

Can anyone recommend anywhere round Gloucestershire to get it repaired?



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Saturday 26th June
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Quite a few north Bristol mx5 owners including my father have used this place. Did a great job on the sills of our car. I suspect you’ll be paying more than £500 to get it done properly though. That looks quite serious and needs a fair bit chopping out but the repair panels are widely available


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Monday 28th June
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Also got a crusty sill in Gloucestershire, so following this thread!

Got quoted £410 plus parts by ARC in Gloucester.... mine is worse than yours judging by the pictures.