Rustproof your Roadster



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Friday 1st July 2016
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What models are more affected by rust, i have an 02 and an 07, the 02 one has very small bubbling starting down the back edge of one rear arch, i would be interested to do the full car in the winter, but are there any recommendations for neutraliser / protector as i certainly wont get time until winter, so i would just like to at least halt it for the moment


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Wednesday 20th July 2016
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I used jenolite followed by hammerite on my sons mk1 in winter . Not ideal time of year or weather hence it needs doing again . Don't know if that's any help.


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Tuesday 21st February 2017
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I've had a rear wing section welded in immaculately and sill repair, welding done and can recommend
The chap who did it .


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Tuesday 10th July 2018
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Thanks for the write up OP.

Sorry to resurrect a (very) old thread and I know the OP sold the original car but interested in how well it's lasted for others who've done the same as we've got a Mazda 6 MPS which had a warning last MOT for rust (it is 12 years old though) and looking to do the same kind of thing.


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Saturday 23rd February 2019
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What you need to know about NC Mk3 rust and where to look here:
Starts at 4 minutes 40 seconds. They all go there if left untreated for long enough, it's not an isolated case. It's the cills that catch most people out as they just don't look or get inspected when purchasing.

yellow elan

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Wednesday 18th November 2020
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Anybody with a new ND car you would be wise to have a look underneath and see how poorly protected against rust they are. They are no better protected than previous models. I have had mine treated by a local MX5 specialist who told me he has had to fail some early NDs on rust for the MOT!


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Monday 15th February 2021
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There is a body shop near me that is willing to do it for £250 if I buy the materials (I really cba doing it myself). Could anyone tell me which Dinitrol products I need? Is it underbody coating and cavity wax? Also any recommendations on how much I need would be good, it's for a NC MX5.

Thanks in advance!


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Wednesday 7th April 2021
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RM10, I'd be interested to know if you get an answer. I've just got an NC as well, so keen to do some preventative work too.

I also don't live a million miles from MK, so if the garage do a decent job, I might give them mine to do too!


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Wednesday 10th November 2021
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My mk1 was treated with wax oyl after restoration four years ago. Just passed m o t and it’s still good underneath. I intend to thoroughly clean it and apply more . I spoke to a mk1 owner of a totally original 1995 car last week and he’s been using wax oil annually and that’s sold it to me.