Anyone used Lanoguard? Corrosion protection

Anyone used Lanoguard? Corrosion protection



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Monday 7th June
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Seen a Facebook as for this stuff, have never heard of it and wondered if anyone had any experience with it?

I'm shortly collecting an 87 Chevy El Camino that has been in Texas all its life, and I'm slightly terrified it's gonna dissolve!


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Sunday 13th June
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A friend of mine has used it and highly recommends it. I had the bed off my own truck last week, but couldn’t get any locally before I put the bed back on. I will definitely use it before winter, although I can’t see me using the truck much, if at all, after September.


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Sunday 13th June
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seems to be the latest heavily advertised item

hard to know if it works until you can say your car is still rot free 20 years on? all the rust preventative ad's make their product sound good


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Tuesday 6th July
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Seen quite a few report of people who off-road their vehicles, where the dirt has stuck to the Lanoguard underneath and has been a bd to remove, if it can be at all.