G40 1.8 induction kit TB's / Airbox etc Wanted?

G40 1.8 induction kit TB's / Airbox etc Wanted?



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Friday 23rd March 2018
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I paid the Ginetta factory a visit recently and was shown all the spanking new G40 Zetec engines for this year. I noticed they all were complete swap over kits with the Jenvey Throttle bodies all fitted too.
The lads at Ginetta said customers just swap their sealed engines complete for each season. As such I wondered what the competitors did with theire old used kit?
I'm a big old school Ginetta fan and have now owned and restored 6 classic Ginetta's over 30 years. At present I have a Ginetta G27 1.8 Zetec that I have restored and I would like to convert it from Weber 45 Carbs to the Ginetta induction kit mainly because it looks right for the car and make it will run better. Do they use 45mm TB's or 40's (Jenvey TB45 throttle bodies)?
Sadly my budget would not allow me to buy all the parts new so I wondered if anyone wanted to sell on any spares to help me do the conversion.
Ideally I know I will need throttle bodies with fuel rail and air box but I dont know what ecu Ginetta use. I would guess I may have to buy a mappable one to suit my earlier Silver top Zetec engine along with the loom etc? I will also need to sort out a new high pressure fuel system with tank return possibly with a swirl pot or something.
I think the same Kit or similar was also used on the G20 race series cars too?
Can any of you help at all?
Thanks in advance.

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