2020 UK Targa/Road Rallying Thread

2020 UK Targa/Road Rallying Thread



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Saturday 28th March
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HRCR are running one as well.
I completed leg 1 last night, the problem I find with table tops is they inevitable resort to cryptic stuff, which doesn’t always have anything to do with navigation.
Haven’t seen the results of the HRCR one, but I bet I got the odd fail, for not quite understanding the questions!.


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Wednesday 22nd April
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Plenty of virtual stuff going on, Virtual scatters and no end of sim rallies, rallycross and racing. I dont do the sim stuff, that's a youngsters game but some pretty serious real drivers and sim racers are taking on all and sundry. Junior is doing a few championships and one off events.

Done two virtual scatters now, they are good fun, combination of old school plotting and use of online mapping/streetview.

Watched the virtual world rallycross at the weekend, it was pretty good, and lots of the top real drivers taking part.


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Wednesday 29th April
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That's Kent forestry targa now postponed until 2021. Big hole opening up in my calendar now, looks like next rally could be the Exmoor or maybe even the Bath festival next year at this rate!

Typical, I lead a championship and then it gets made null and void..