Anyone used Federal 595RSR

Anyone used Federal 595RSR



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Wednesday 30th September
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Cant really work out what the compound is like.

Camskill list it as 220, versus a NS-2R hard at 180. If that's relative then the Federal will be terrible but every manufacturer seems to use a different scale.

After something that has more grip than the T180 NS-2R but its for a one off so dont really want to drop £600 on a set of AR-1s or 048s


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Thursday 1st October
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I used a set of 595rsr's on a trackday car, and they were ok, not the same grip as R888 or A048R, and they do feel like harder compound, i.e. take longer to warm up and some users have reported cracking and difficulty balancing them. Not sure what tyre size you need as this effects what is available. As you say the treadwear data is a basic test for tyre life, but not conclusive more a guide, as different compounds behave differently during the test.

I would say if its maximum grip you want at a lower cost than toyo or yoko then I've used the following on my last racecar. All have decent grip but with differing characteristics mostly due to the carcass.

My preference is Avon ZZR (treadwear 80) although I think there is a new compound available now which is even softer.

Khumo V70a (treadwear 50, but depends on compound, I've used the softs and they are good but don't last long)

NS2r but in soft compound (treadwear 60 I think?, but no experience on these.

Could be worth a look at Federal 595RS Pro. Not sure about this tyre as I haven't used it and no idea what it sells for etc. Just to the eye its a bit more track focussed, with a larger surface area.


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Thursday 1st October
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Much like above, maybe the Federal RR or Pro version. I most definitely rate RSR above the Nankang 180's in terms of dry grip and not much between them on a wet day IMO.

The AD08R would trump both on a wet day and the dry grip would be easily comparable to the RSR. I used the 120 TW Nankang too and wasn't blown away vs. the rest mentioned. Although the Nankang have a fairly stiff sidewall in their defence and wear rates are similar between the 3, the RSR probably worst wearing but not by much.

AD08R/RSR/NS2-R are a good compromise for some road and track use but wouldn't consider them for an out and out track car or race car if you were able to use R888R/A048/DZ03G/AR1 etc...


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Friday 9th October
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I have used them quite a bit.
Very good value for money.
Not very good in the wet pretty good in the dry.
No where near as good as an Ad08 ect.
Found I needed to get a fair bit of heat into them to get them to work properly. So not good on a cold track.
But very hard wearing. So a really good tyre for a track with a rough surface like Lydden.
But on tracks with better surfaces I use other tyres.
So a good tyre to have in your tyre armoury.

Summary. Good performance given their price. Suitable if you go to places that are very hard on the tyres.