Fastest no slicks and wings single seater series

Fastest no slicks and wings single seater series



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Wednesday 4th November 2020
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FVL's have a long track record of success in Monoposto. Robin Dawe is very rapid in his when he's not using the Toms F3, and Jared Wood fast in his - but in recent years a well driven FVL hasn't contested the full season. Previously Richard Purcell's low drag version with ground effect tunnels was also fast.

In terms out outright speed, though an contemporary F3 will have the legs on the FVL - developed to a higher set of rules than the FVL which was always a stepping stone to F3, so no development, and designed to be more affordable than F3.


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Thursday 5th November 2020
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Outright pace doesn't necessarily correlate to enjoyment and quality of racing.

FF1600 is EXTREMELY difficult to beat in this space. Turn up at the Walter Hayes and look at the array of cars and drivers that choose to make it their event of choice and its strength becomes apparent.

Regional FF1600 (BARC North West FF1600 or Castle Combe FF1600 etc) can be done on a competitive budget and you can dip in and out of events all over the country and classes like Heritage FF1600 (Pre 93 cars) offer great racing and still competitively priced cars (that are appreciating not depreciating).

Otherwise there are options for Historic FF1600 (Pre 74) and Classic FF1600 (Pre 82) which both run with HSCC and again offer great close racing with a very competitive front end of the grid.

The out and out fastest non slicks and wings cars would probably be a historic F1/F2/FB cars clearly but with budgets very much aligning to their rarity! Screamer F3 or very early 1600cc F3 cars are more reasonable but still comparably expensive.

FJ has already been mentioned - not as quick as a FF1600 and now more expensive to both buy and run, but a lovely formula.