Student looking for some experience in racing

Student looking for some experience in racing



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Thursday 8th April
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Hi all,

I am currently an undergrad mechanical engineer about to graduate this year and will be starting the motorsport course over at Cranfield towards the end of the year and am looking to fill the summer gap between the two with some hands on experience in motorsport.

I have had 1 year of experience working with GT/touring cars in Europe doing some data engineering, part design and a bunch of other stuff but its been a bit difficult to get contacts/opportunities here so would love some pointers on teams that are looking for students/junior people in or around the London area (can drive a bit further out but would prefer it to be in this sort of area).

Any experience I could gain, be that being an extra pair of hands over to data engineering would be really appreciated.


Nampahc Niloc

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Saturday 10th April
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Might be worth contacting some of the clubs directly. If you’re willing to get dirty, there’s always someone looking for some extra help spannering.


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Sunday 9th May
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Drop me an email

We can definitely get you some experience