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saturday was a good day !

saturday was a good day !



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Sunday 7th October 2012
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just an update and incentive for current builders, completed the dash
and stalk work in my green canam (saturday) of course FRIDAY !!!! Only took me half an hour to discover
that this new pioneer satnav does not play audio from sd card, only USB !
Once music did play I thought why not attach the headers and see if she fires up.
Getting the oil pressure up took some 1 minute of spinning the alternator to remove all the air
pockets in the system.
Now powering up the ECU, pressing the starter button, some turns and FIRE !
Then I let her idle for 10 minutes to discover 1 leak, no more, as usual in a space where it is hard to come by........
The Laminova oil water changer does a great job, oil is getting hotter much quicker than
So a great day.


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Wednesday 10th October 2012
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Spatz the green is way cool. My GTR is yellow and that was my favorite color until I saw one of the green cars at the factory. Added benefit is green is the color of choice for being easily seen on the road thtas why manny fire engines ect are now going from red to green. If anyone is getting ready to order a kit make sure you see this color on the car in person before you commit to color selection.Just my takeon it. Lee