Western Australian Ultima Builds

Western Australian Ultima Builds



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Sunday 30th June
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Team, looping back on a previous topic, and doing so as the previous discussion were some 10 years old... so excuse the repetition...

I’m looking for engineering contacts in Perth for assistance on an Ultima build. I am thinking of starting a build, but need to get some details straight on the engineering requirements, so keen to talk to anyone who has been through the process in WA, and could potentially link me accordingly.

Key topics for discussion include importation and what can I bring in before I start to create problems for myself, beam and torsional testing, ICV application before I start a build, and any variations of the chassis build.

I understand the Ultima RS uses the same chassis as the Ultima Evo, so this may help in the beam and torsional testing if someone has already done this previously.



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Sunday 30th June
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Give Richard a call at the Factory. They have sent a few to Australia so should understand the issues.
He may also be able to help with details of someone there that can assist.