MThanks to V8 VUM for the idea of starting this wiki.

Current Builders:

AlecS - Restoring chassis #10, a 1986 Mk2, in the USA. Its a long shot, but I'd love to connect with another Mk2 owner.
DWR - White RS LT5 G96/01 qualife lsd, front lift, upgraded factory brakes, led light kit, ordered 9/1/19 due for delivery 5/12/20
GT5594 - Yorkshire - Black GTR - Alloy SBC, Kinsler on EFI, Motec M800, datalogging, Hewland, factory lightweight body, aero. Started building a purely track-day car, but got carried away. Engine fired up this morning and will be on rolling road on Boxing day.
cooberpedy - Germany (down south), GTR Kawasaki green, build started in April 2012, non standard engine (V10) and brakes (BREMBO).
Mark999 Nottingham started gtr 22/12/11 ls7 blue or yellow not sure yet got to make mind up may ordering it.
JC GTR - Putteridgebury, Herts. Part built kit purchased and arrived 10 March 2012. Rolling chassis with pre-fit body.
GtrMan....Finally the Gtr chassis arrived on the island..follow on
Skid- Kittery Maine USA, Expecting delivery of Blue GTR 2/3/2012, UPDATED Car assembled in 4 weeks video diary here
Mark Gilbert - Johannesburg, South Africa - GTR build started 11/07/2011... Here we go!
T Giles - Aberdeen - GTR Build. Follow on
Donkeasy - eindhoven/holland - GTR V10 build 4 years now and still very happy.
Harry B - Zuidbroek Holland - Mk3 sport. Old car needs total rebuild, 1 1/2year.
Cliveg - East Lancs - second Can-Am
RussF - Cheshire - Northwich - LS7 GTR - will finish summer 2011
deadscoob - Bristol - LS7 GTR, body prefit done, 1 year behind schedule and will now finish Summer 2012 doh smile. IVA 9th July biggrin
Pointblank - Bristol - SBC GTR, body prefit in progress, massively behind schedule but aiming for this year.
spatz - south of germany built one already ordered the second kit probably start second built August
A Dawson - Essex - Ultima mark 2 - Almost done, used on a few trackdays now on a mission to get it through an IVA test.
Trev_C - Leicester, Can-Am with old school SBC, just got the suspension on, will be a long job!! Changed to an LS376, planned OTR March 2013. Leicester, fellow PistonHead welcome.
qwick - Nottingham, Mk3 Sport, it will be finished....this year!
JoelRP - St.Albans,herts. GTR- kawasaki green body fitted.
Davrianman - Bristol/S.Wales - Final engine install (SBC 434ci). Will be on road April 2011. 6 Year Build!!!
jmwram-worcestershire building GTR black stroker old school 6.3ltr should be on road early next year
UltimaCH - Can-Am order arrived 19/12/2012. The second Ultima Can-Am build in "Swizzyland". Build page here:
JBC - Redditch, Worcs. Just started GTR, currently riveting panels, all set for long build time.
barpilot - Lincs - Orange Evo, 2013 start, full cage. Now rolling on Braids. Build/Update page
Corsair613 - Clermont, FL - GTR arrived 9/24/14 - LS7 Ultima Builders
Huzilulu - Dubai, UAE - Ordered Can Am 12-Jan-2015. Should receive by May... UPDATE: Can-AM has been converted to an EVO Convertible! Will result in kit being delayed a few weeks, so now hope to receive by June... Huzi's EVO Build
GTRS - Wolves - GTR, started summer 2014. Planned long build time. Panelling almost complete.
xrtim Coventry GTR started September 2013. LS twin turbo, engine mock up nearly finished and hope to hear running before the end of 2015. Rest of build almost at rolling chassis stage July 2015
humble - 2017 Heritage Blue, #BlunicornEvo for DriveDriverDriven, modded LS7, g96/50, Aim MXS, lots of firsts! ordered 11/6/16, arrived 7/27/17
kiwishedgtr - New Zealand bought an unfinished GTR and updated to EVO/RS running gear, Honda K24 engine and Haltech ECU 3d printed and custom everything else - looking to have it on the road 2026
Renzovdwolff - North of Holland - Restoring Ted Marlow's red MK3. Hopefully done 2025.

BillGTR - LS7 Ultima finished build Oct 2022. Dreaded burn out in loom. Under rewire and repair. Failed IVA on emissions and too loud.
BillEVO - Buckinghamshire, Steel Blue Ultima Evolution LS3 6.2 430bhp finished build in March 2022
Gertjesss Helmond Netherlands Oct 2018 - Can Am first reg. 2008 Yellow 6.0 ls2 528 HP 535 Nm torque Porsche g50
Sigilobaphomet (Pete) - Liverpool - August 2016 first full factory built Evolution LS7 - black/gold, non-supercharged, 708.3bhp and 655.7ft.lbs.torque is enough road power for me!
Bobbyj - Newcastle, Can Am, started Sept 2010 - collected from Factory July 2016. Black (last factory built - 40% ish done by me but completed by factory) SBC 428BHP Zircotec chilli red exhaust
Leedpm - South Yorkshire - Red GTR LS7 registered 2014
Onewhitey-Sheffield - gtr ls3 yellow c2 6 speed on the road summer 2014
356Speedster - Redditch, UK - Black Can Am started Jouly 2011, registered June 2013. Thoroughly enjoying the car, still plenty of "fettling" to do as Ted would say! (build page here)
3DEE (formerly V8 VUM) - North Gloucestershire, near Tewkesbury - GTR Build - DONE! Registered - what a big fight! Mods - Plenty to be done, but enjoying the shakedown!
sh*thotfast - Spyder - Petersfield Hants, 1998 - ZZ4 360bhp =420BHP per ton - g50/50, twin plate Tilton clutch - nodding dog on back shelf.
Graham-P - Maldon, Essex - CanAm - SVA 2007 - ongoing updates: LS3, new front clip including splitter, headlights and ride height lifter pump.
V8 Dom Cheshire- Macclesfield - Factory Built GTR
Dal2litrefrogeye Orpington Kent GTR Factory built
Steve_d - Waterlooville Hampshire. Yellow GTR built by me in 2003/4. Also build/maintain Ultima and other Kitcars as part of our business.
bluesatin - Marlow Bucks -entering the 10th year of Ultima ownership
Crafty - Hong Kong - Black GTR Magnacharged LS2
Pb3 - St. Ives, Cambridgeshire - GTR fuel injected SBC, 10yrs old, 7yrs on the road.
CanAm Dave - Nr Chester, Cheshire - ProCharged Yellow Can-Am. Building a Hardtop. May sell this year!! cry
Yiihaa - Wiltshire nr Marlborough - Yellow GTR, 545 AS SBC. Built in 2000/2001 on the road in 2001.
Budala - Sanary-sur-mer, South of France - 2,5 years Lotus green GTR, complete rebuilt with 700 hp LS7 in 2010.
Spid - Horsham Sussex Yellow CanAm LS7 registered 2010
Mjpmark - Walsall, West Mids - GTR - LS3 fuel injected. G50/52, Registered April 2011.
Mr Pid - Plymouth, Devon - GTR 600 AS Supercharged SBC, Black, Bought as project in 2009, Complete rebuild and refurb completed in 2010.
Rowdy Renault Somis California GTR 565HP LS1 Yellow completed August 08
Storer - Cambridge - GTR nut and bolt rebuilt with LS7 2011 - Was black, to be silver and CF.
Ultiman - Hythe Kent, red Sport, completed 2001 so just over 10 years and 30k miles. Looking forward to the next 10 years.
williamwallace1s- Glasgow Scotland. Ultima GTR 2008. Lovely car. 550bhp FI American Speed 408cu. Race prepped. Lovely car.Red with white stripe.
T-Rev - Sussex UK, Factory built 1st GTR (1999) - owned since Apr 2007 less than 14k miles, dark blue metalic, Knight race spec SBC 6.8 (409ci), dry sump, just under 500BHP / 500lb/ft torque, G50/03 2 5 speed, A/R bars, oil leaks, very noisy/fast, average 8mpg and great fun.
MacGTech - Motorsport team based in York, UK, running a self/purpose built and developed Ultima GTR race car in the Britcar MSA British Endurance Championship. MacG Racing prepared LS7 fed by a Motec M800 ECU linked to an Albins ST6 transmission, too many modifications to mention!
JoulesCanAm - Reno, NV USA; First registered 2004 Red CanAm (1st into US), 600HP Dart Aluminum SBC 427CI by AS with Kinsler EFI, Porsche G50/50
Verde - Bay Area, CA; 2006 Red GTR. among the first U.S. cars w/ LS7 power. G50. Many mechanical and electronic upgrades from stock at build-time. I'm 2nd owner.
GTRMikie - Bletchingley, Surrey, Yellow GTR completed 2000, still has original battery, still finding things to do to it!
F.C. NW London LSX EFI supercharged GTR Now mapping torque around gearbox (strengthened G50 52)
probable switched dynamic map around gear position.
Gtr_evo. Nr Doncaster. 6.6ltr GTR, built I believe by Paul B.
inetd - Moscow, Russia; first registered in Russia, LS1 + Motec M800 550 bhp estimated, prepared for trackdays and timeattack
AndyandChrisGTR - LS7 GTR(700bhp) Red, Completed and Registered May 2012. Stupid Fast!!!
MarksGTR - Cumbria, AS-LS3,G50, red, completed and reg May 2010.
Keith Alias Doug the dog..Kent UK.. GTR no.1 = 640 HP. GTR no.2 350 HO both road registered
john-jmwram building GTR IN BLACK 6.3 STROKER old school chevy worcestershire-second-one
deadscoob - Bristol - LS7 GTR,G50 00, Registered July 2012. Updated front/rear lights, clam vents, full width splitter/side splitters, larger rear wing, Prosport uprights, porsche motorsport driveshafts, Forgelines, 360mm 6 pots, Nitrons, updated fuel system, loom, custom interior with carbon cills plus various other things. Colour tbc, currently track sl4g matt black smile
GTR-DON Owns GTR which was reviewed by Car And Driver, 10+ years ago. Has competed in several One Lap of Americas, top finish 4th. G40/LS1.
karl c. canterbury kent gtr grey/orange stripe reg 2006 518bhp getrag box centre cable shift.
XTR2Turbo - GTR fitted with the first Peter Knight Kinsler LS7. Based Herts
Ult-Jim - Red LS7 2010 GTR - 7litrebig's old car. Future: Brake vent kit, ali radiator, complete new Factory rose joint & front wishbone suspension. New factory light wheels and new rims to fit classic GTR ali billet spoked wheels & offset. Considering Penske custom made and set up of dampers & springs.
RossD860 - Silver 2002 GTR 6.3 V8 SBC 512bhp & 485lbft
Kruncher - Whiteley, Fareham - Yellow 2005 Can Am 6.5 550 bhp & 560 lbsft
Nabbott - Ascot, Berkshire. Can Am. Highly tuned SBC (640bhp normally aspirated). Currently ironing out problems caused through lack of use (because the car had problems?)
Racing Roj - Kawasaki Green 2010 GTR LS7 600 bhp, didn't build although wanted to. May still build one after selling this in the future.
rduart - Granite Bay California - Blue LS7, G96-88 GTR
845ste - italy, vicenza. L98 comp-cam , exaust, ecu ecc, 2001 red, top fun in track!TOTAL restaured and modified in 2016
Mknight702 - Cambridgeshire, blue LS3
Abbosevolution - West Sussex - Orange GTR - LS3 - 997 - AP Brakes - AB extras - On the road Oct 15
RSCOCCA GTR LS7 G50/50 Racelogic, Sat Nav,AirRide front suspension,Finished and Plated 05/12/2015, Plate Aerotic, Evolution upgrades 10/05/2015
jaylward - Cambridgeshire, red Can-Am, 2002, stroker, 930 gearbox - about to start updates!
BogBeast - South Oxfordshire - Silver Ultima Sport with SBC/G50
key750 - Italy, Vicenza. SBC Dart, EFI, Supercharged, SQS sequential shifter... (ex V8YES plated car)
jmabw - Westbury, Wiltshire - GTR 383 - G50 etc
Thevet originally 2004 GTR SBC 406 then crash sold to Rusti for SS rebuild to Time Attack car LS7 repurchased 2018 LS7 destroyed so TT LS9 on its way for 2019
Dodgepot - black Canam SBC owned since Feb 2021. Previously owned by Bobbyj above

Paul.B - Ex owner (twice) - Southampton. Also work on Ultimas on a regular basis through my business. Currently building an LS7 GTR for a customer.
Gtr-Man : I am looking forward that one day I will build a Gtr , maybe for next year!!.......Mark,...update:: it happened quicker then expected!!! got a gtr chassis!!!!!
Fat Albert - Always loved them and want to re-create the feel of my mates Maclaren F1 GTR, will hopefully start 2013 sometime....
7litrebig - the other Paul B (Norfolk) - Ex-Owner of Red GTR LS7 2010; G50 20 6 speed.... but she's in a good home!
DavidSalama 2003 Yellow GTR rebuild 2019 to Evo specs, SBC 401,Dry Sump 8000 RPM, G50-03 cable shift, custom gears, Limited slip, FAST EFI, Custom Interior, Ohlins, Fuel Safe single 14 gallon cell, Halotron fire suppression system.