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Tuesday 8th October 2019
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My wife and little boy are due to go to HK shortly for a week - is there anybody there who know's what it's like? Is it fine for tourists or best avoided at the moment?


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Thursday 24th October 2019
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To avoid opening a new tread.

I'll be going over on Saturday and staying in Wan Chai.
Any idea if there are currently disruption to get there from the Airport (Via Airport Express to Central, then Metro to Wan Chai station)?

From the info I could find, it seems several roads are closed in the district, but no mention of stations...

Thanks for any tips

@padgett, if you haven't alredy been there I'll report back when I'm there.


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Thursday 31st October 2019
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I'm just back and in HK Island between Central and Causeway Bay everything was fine.
Only a few writings scattered here and there reminded us of what's been shown in the news.

Already missing being there (as usual)