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Logitech 900 remote



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Monday 1st October 2012
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The battery on my Logitech 900 would only last for a couple of hours with out charging and knowing it was out of warranty I decided to buy a battery off amazon. When I opened up the case I could not get the battery out to confirm the model number. So, I called Logitech and they promptly sent me a new remote control. When the new one turned up I used more force on the old one and the battery came out. Thinking "bonus" free remote I plugged it into me PC to change the configuration. It was then disabled by Logitech.

So, now I have a dead 900 remote control which is my 8 month old's favourite toy by a long way. It still feels wrong to see a $400 remote control being thrown around but I have no other use for it. Very impressed with Logitech's customer service for sending out a new remote not questions asked though.


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Monday 1st October 2012
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Its great isnt it ?
Three weeks ago I emailed them asking if I could get replacement keys for my dinovo keyboard i did e mail them pictures of worn keys outcome was after further e mails a replacemeny boxed one coming out to me via UPS
Outstanding customer service


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Thursday 4th October 2012
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Great customer service!! It is quite common among the companies to ask questions if the customers report to replace their products and few companies will repair the old product and will send them back. I think no company will replace the product by giving the new one!!