Naim Mu-So ?



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Thursday 17th January
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Anyone running one of these ? Zepellins looking a bit tired and I have some vouchers from work to use. Opinions appreciated..


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Friday 18th January
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I got one of these about 6 months ago and love it. Good sound plenty of connection options, app is easy to use and though I haven’t used it. I understand Naim give good support if needed.

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Friday 18th January
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I've had one for about a year, together with it's smaller sibling the Qb. The former in the kitchen and the latter in a sitting room. Can be used separately or as multi room. Easy to set up and use with Spotify. As one box speakers they work well but don't compete with a half decent separates system. I'm not keen on cables and bits here and there so suits my needs. It may be me but I prefer the sound out of the Qb, or it could be positioning; although I'm not that enthusiastic to be overly bothered. I'd describe it as balanced. So summary; good but not blow your mind good. Looks good though!


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Friday 18th January
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Have got one and the sound is very grown up as you would hope from a proper HiFi brand.
If you are forced into a single speaker setup by physical limitations I would imagine the there is not much competition.

Will probably get the cube one for the kitchen at some point based on this.


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Sunday 20th January
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nearly bought one a year or so ago, but in the end got a Teenage Engineering OD-11.
sound of the Naim units (muso and Qb) was ok, but overall I prefer the clarity and neutraliity of the OD-11. It is also less intrusive in the room, just sitting in the corner.


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Sunday 20th January
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Had mine a year and love it. Has to be the best sounding single unit streamer out there.


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Sunday 20th January
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I have two of the cube Qb ones in the dining room, you can sync them up and sound fine to me.

When sync’ed they do need to be at a medium volume so they stay sync’ed which is a bit annoying.

Apart from that they are easy to link up and I believe they are quite loud enough for teenage parties as well.


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Monday 21st January
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I have owned 2, the first one developed an annoying rattle on one of the speakers so I returned it after one year , the second developed exactly the same fault 9 months. I seem to be a minority of one but there you go.
They look and sound great, for a single box solution they will fill a decent room.
In the end I swapped over to a pair of sonos play5 gen2 as they where the same price and I got store credit. The pair of sonos sounds a lot better due to proper stereo separation and I’ve now added more speakers around the house, the sonos is way superior as a multi room audio setup, something Naim never bothered finishing off properly.


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Monday 21st January
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My Dad has a Mu-so and a Qb, he is constantly fiddling about with them because they don't want to stay synced. The app is awful. I'm sure the hardware is great but the software / execution comes up well short.


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Monday 28th January
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Synced to what? WiFi?

If so, then no, they are a bit flaky but each of ours have a dedicated cat5e back to the main switch in the utility room.

As for the App, it does exactly what it was designed to do.


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Monday 28th January
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I had a couple of teething problems with my Naim Uniti. Support first rate from the dealer, Rayleigh HiFi and Naim themselves who were happy to call late evening to fit round me. Great company.


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Thursday 31st January
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Friend swears by jbl extreme's and he's always buying this sort of thing