Another 'What Speakers?' question

Another 'What Speakers?' question



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Saturday 19th January 2019
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We are having some extension works done on our home this spring/summer and it will result in our lounge becoming rectangular from its existing L shape. Approx dimensions will be 7.3m long, 4.4m wide and 2.7m tall. I've had 'permission' from my good lady wife to renew my existing speakers (Wharfdale Coleridge) with some new floorstanders. The 'permission' bit comes from needing to meet her aesthetic requirements rather than any financial spend.

Current speaker considerations are:

Dali Opticon 6 in Walnut - £1199
Fyne Audio F501 in Black Oak - £1199
Keff Q950 in black (with grills) - £1350 but trade in brings them down to £1080

Neither of us want speakers where the cones are visible, so grills are a must. I've already had a listen (briefly) to the Dalis but only against the Fyne 302 (was a passing pop-in to a Richer Sounds). Happy to buy from elsewhere so it doens't have to be RS. We are hoping to go and listen to all 3 back to back in about 1 weeks time, but are there any other speakers I should be considering? I'm hoping to listen to them at HiFi Gear in Hereford, so if it can be from their selection - all the better!

Having read various reviews, some of them say about not standing the (rear ported) speakers too close to the back wall (for bass issues) but we wouldn't want them far into the room and would look to place them no more than say 30cms from the back wall (again for room aesthetic reasons). I realise audio quality might be compromised from location, but I'll have to live with that.

Realising that the next questions will be - what are they going to be hooked up to, what are you listening to... type questions, so they will be hooked up to an OK but nothing special Yamaha 5.1 AV Receiver (might be upgraded at some point in the future), most playback will be audio from the TV through the AV amp, but our music tastes are wide and varied - rock/pop to easy listening to trance. I'll probably take a few CDs with me to the listening but I haven't decide which ones yet. I might also look to co-locate (and wire in on an as and when basis) another amp I have, an EAR Yoshino 859 which has the option to rewire to 4 or 8 ohm outputs, so speaker impedance won't be an issue.

Anything else I should look at speaker wise? Budget around £1200


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Saturday 19th January 2019
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Too out of touch to help with suggestions I'm afraid but there's also English audio in Hereford . Used to have a decent selection back in the day when I was in "upgrade" mode.


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Saturday 19th January 2019
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I would look at the B&W 603 too.


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Saturday 19th January 2019
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A decent hifi shop will suggest that you demo speakers at home, and they’ll set them up for you. There is almost no chance that anyone can tell you which speakers will work in any living room, with your furnishings etc.

If aesthetics are a priority, I’d spend time with your wife refining a shortlist, then asking the shop for their ideas before any demo.

If the shop won’t allow a home demo (credit card security deposit is usual) I’d go elsewhere.