In Ceiling Speakers - Sonos?

In Ceiling Speakers - Sonos?



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Sunday 21st May
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We are in the process of moving our kitchen to the existing lounge, and vice versa. I've currently got 2 Sonos 1s, Beam and Sub in the lounge, which are used as surround sound and for music.

I have the opportunity to add in some ceiling speakers to the kitchen while the work is being done. They will purely be for music during socialising, and so don't need to be deafening loud. I like the idea of the Sonos ones as I can add to my existing ecosystem and have music playing throughout the house/outdoors, but curious if there is anything else I should be considering?

The new lounge space is a lot narrower than the current room, so I am tempted to get rid of the standalone Sonos 1s and replace with the in wall speakers, hence why I'm thinking now could be an opportunity to break away from the Sonos ecosystem and go for a different brand if there is something better for the money?

In short, do I keep Sonos and add to existing collection, or do I replace with something else?


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Sunday 21st May
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If you want Sonos, get one of the amps and fit normal good quality speakers, then when Sonos becomes out of date over then next few years you still have speakers that will work with whatever the new tech might be.


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Sunday 21st May
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SONOS do ceiling speakers in their range but they are silly expensive.

If you are not using the SONOS eco system throughout the house but listen to music in a room at a time then just get something like a Tangent ampster and some ceiling speakers to suit your budget. Can bluetooth audio to it then and not worry about it. Lots of other options out there, the only reason to pay for SONOS is the multi room made easy.

Could even hide a sub in the corner of the room or something as well.


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Sunday 21st May
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TheRainMaker said:
If you want Sonos, get one of the amps and fit normal good quality speakers, then when Sonos becomes out of date over then next few years you still have speakers that will work with whatever the new tech might be.
This - or get the Port and add your own amp ideally with its own DAC. If ceiling speakers think the Sonos amp would be good enough


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Friday 26th May
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When my house was for sale by the builder they had 13 speakers running off one Sonos amps. It was surprisingly adequate for background music and only tripped once it got loud.

I now have separated the zones by adding more amps. The ceiling speakers are idea for social gatherings and having multiple zones, including the outside and basement, works great. We have the kids downstairs with the music blaring, the women in the kitchen (that’s just how it ends up) and the men outside.


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Friday 26th May
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Whats your budget?

If your happy sticking with Sonos, then I mirror the thoughts of a Sonos Amp with your choice of speakers.

I created two zones in our kitchen with a sub and am very happy with it. I didn't go Sonos (was an early adopter and got stung as the world moved on, never again).

The Tangent Ampster plus speakers sounds like a good shout. Pop it on Bluetooth and away you go.


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Saturday 27th May
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Although you have a Sonos eco system, now donyou listen to music.

If it is just Airplay2 or Spotify then ylu are not limited to Sonos. Other devices that are Spotify Connect or Airplay2 compatible will (once set up) appear within each respective app.


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Friday 2nd June
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Buy used chromecast audio's and use whatever amps etc you want, much cheaper, much better with variety of casting apps and can even cast your entire phone audio, and if you ever delve into home automation it works fantastically with Home assistant etc...


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Sunday 4th June
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I’ve added a few sets of B&W ceiling speakers in the rooms where we don’t want floorstanders / bookshelf speakers and I run them with Sonos amps. I haven’t tested the Sonos ceiling speakers but the B&Ws are impressive. I think each pair was around £500, the model was CCM684.


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Thursday 15th June
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Depends what you want from the speakers in terms of connectivity too. Seen as you have a Sonos system i can see why you'd want the ceiling speakers to match. They are vastly over priced for what they are i think.

Im going for Lithe Ceiling speakers throughout my house for multiroom listening.. active speakers that require no amp and all connect to eachother and devices via wifi. And they do a pro series which can act as Dolby Atmos speakers and be apart of the multiroom wifi network also, but i imagine thats not what you need in your kitchen. Regular ones are worth a look though as you can eliminate any amp and faff with speaker cable.