PH poll of polls - General Election 2015

PH poll of polls - General Election 2015

Poll: PH poll of polls - General Election 2015

Total Members Polled: 303

Conservative: 51%
Labour: 4%
UKIP: 31%
Green: 3%
Liberal Democrats: 5%
Plaid Cymru: 0%
BNP: 0%
SNP: 3%
Other: 1%
Not voting: 4%


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Tuesday 28th April 2015
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MarkRSi said:
McWigglebum4th said:
Rick_1138 said:
Marginal Scottish seat, so Lib Dem as closest challenge to SNP\Salmond. Actually quite saddened to see the polls up here so massively in favour of the SNP, when all they want to do is make money for themselves, put us deeper in debt and give the feckless some free money.

I am voting tory just to try and defeat those utter s in the SNP

look here and see who is your best bet to beat those un-democratic pieces of putrid dog vomit
Me and Rick are in the Gordon area, and as Rick says the polls suggest only the lib dems can outvote the SNP/Salmond frown

TBH I don't mind the lib dems but (a) all their propaganda/spam I've received is all about beating/slagging off the SNP/other parties rather than saying what they'll do for local area and (b) I'd rather vote Tory/UKIP irked
some polls on scottish seats i have seen completely discount ukip. while support may be lower than many areas down south,i think there might be a small surprise in terms of outright numbers voting ukip up here, even though it is unlikely to result in any scottish ukip mp,s ,this election anyway.


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Tuesday 28th April 2015
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Fort Jefferson said:
My best case result would be Conservative UKIP coalition.

My worst, would be Labour and the Scottish Racist Party.
The silver lining of any government involving Labour would be that any seats in the north where UKIP come a decent 2nd could fall in the next election (which might be much sooner than 2020).