Sir Ed Davey - Lib. Dem Leader



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86 said:
Carl_Manchester said:
apparently, Ed is going to say something today.
Ed who ? Waste of space
I just saw this thread and googled the name as I’d genuinely never heard of him. I will now instantly forget about him.


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it's a bit of a Greek tragedy really, the 2023 lib Dem party, if they think Doncaster is going to turn yellow they are probably being a bit too aspirational.

it's a shame as they had a really opportunity during lockdown to provide some real opposition but they fluffed it.

anyway, it's party conference day and he is going to make his first speech as party leader.


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I've always known who the lib dem leader is. Until the last few years. Now they make very little impact on me.


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bhstewie said:
pquinn said:
I think most people have forgotten the Lib Dems even exist.

Not even useful for a protest vote.
If I'm being generous perhaps it's different at a local level but at a national level yes they seem to have simply disappeared from the conversation.
HaHa, this thread just reminded me of their existence.

They hadn't entered my thoughts for years.


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I met the late Charles Kennedy about fifteen years ago and he came across, as a very intelligent man with a sense of humour. I think the Liberal Democrats now are a shadow of what they were. I don't even know what they stand for, although to be fair, that could apply to all the main parties at the moment.