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Dishwashers: if you have Bosch, Siemens, Neff then read THIS

Dishwashers: if you have Bosch, Siemens, Neff then read THIS



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Wednesday 17th August 2011
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Repairman came and changed the the offending part (control panel in the door), took about 20 minutes.
Very helpful guy and very good communications from the repair company - text messages to remind me of the appointment, phone call from repair man an hour before he arrived etc.

As I said in my OP the reason I found out about this problem was due to our dishwasher not heating the water.
The water heater is now working!
Double result, the dishwasher didn't catch fire and I've not had to pay to fix the water heater!


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Thursday 18th August 2011
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Anyone who is undecided about whether to bother having the recall work done might like to ponder these pictures of what happened inside my Bosch dishwasher:

Luckily, I was close enough to the machine to turn it off sharpish when it started making nasty noises.

It sounded like someone using a welder!


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Wednesday 24th August 2011
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bugger - thats a close call of the highest order


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Wednesday 24th August 2011
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Thanks for the heads up! Mine falls within the batch numbers but the model is unaffected


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Tuesday 6th September 2011
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  • bump* for those that have not seen this.
My repair man is due today.


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Sunday 25th September 2011
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While on the subject of appliance safety recalls there are a few more listed here: appliance safety recalls

Tuscanless Ali

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Wednesday 28th September 2011
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Thanks for the headsup. Mine's in the batch number but my model is not affected smile


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Saturday 15th October 2011
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Ours was repaired last week, oddly enough this fixed a major problem it had developed, whereby Auto or Eco cycles would not work, just default to 199mins and not move (we had been using it by doing 2x quick washes).

Scary to see the pics of what can happen and worrying that the fuse wouldn't blow or the circuit trip, main reason I don't have the washer, dishwasher on when we're out.


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Monday 24th October 2011
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Have seen this thread before but only just checked my machine to find it is one of the affected ones!!eek Earliest repair date they can give me is 12th november so it looks like back to washing up in the sink for a while.


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Saturday 5th November 2011
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Is that relay in the first picture rated at 10A at 250v? fitted to a pcb????


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Sunday 13th November 2011
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Had our machine repaired today but upon testing it the guy said that the countdown display wasn't working, so he has rebooked for a new slot with a new spare. Should still be able to use the machine though.


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Friday 25th November 2011
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Another update:

Had a 2nd repair guy visit who changed the cont panel again and it is still not displaying the countdown timer. Have a 'senior' engineer coming out on monday to have a look.


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Friday 2nd December 2011
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Hi guys,

Just spotted this. Mine is in the batch and model numbers that needs fixing but I've seen all the comments on one of the linked websites about the fix breaking the machine. Have those that have had it done seen problems? Think our Dishwasher is approx 9 years old has been ok so far.



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Friday 2nd December 2011
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The only problem with mine after the new panel was fitted was the first two engineers didn't programme it correctly. They were both brown goods engineers who had been given training in fitting them due to them not being as busy as white goods engineers!


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Saturday 7th January 2012
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FD8104, my model not affected apparantly


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Friday 9th March 2012
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Oddly the replacement parts for mine came from a dead one. His control panel had failed. Maybe it was a short step from it catching fire?


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Monday 25th June 2012
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Just checked our Bosch and it's FD8404. Looks like I need to fill out some details and get it looked at.

Thanks Piston Heads


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Monday 25th June 2012
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Thanks to pistonheads got a fitter coming out on friday


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Wednesday 27th June 2012
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appointment next week - would never have known had it not been for this thread

(hope the fitter doesn't fk it up)


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Tuesday 10th July 2012
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Bloody Hell, have seen this thread numerous times and never bothered checking.

Actually got of my arse and did so tonight.

Engineer booked for Saturday.