FurnitureChoice, Mirfield, W Yorkshire ... anyone used them?

FurnitureChoice, Mirfield, W Yorkshire ... anyone used them?



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Sunday 29th January 2012
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I'm looking to buy new sofas for a property I rent out but don't want to spend silly money on them, obviously.

Had a look at the usual suspects Reid, Harveys, dfs etc but not seen anything in my price range really. Went to Ikea and was pretty disappointed with most of their budget sofas, it felt like I was sitting on a board with a small piece of foam on top ... I probably was!

Now I've started looking online although I prefer to actually try out a sofa, even if it is for tenants!

Anyway reviews of Argos, Tesco direct, Asda direct etc don't fill me with confidence then I happened upon this company called Furniture Choice who seem to have good reviews.

They have a warehouse/showroom but as it's in Yorkshire it's not that easy for me to visit. Just wondered if anyone had been there or used this company?