Metacam and the older dog - any opinions out there?

Metacam and the older dog - any opinions out there?



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Saturday 23rd July 2016
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Turn7 said:
Mattt said:
How come?
Just the onset of Old age. Metacam didnt seem to make a huge difference and he just went downhill pretty fast at the end.
So nothing to do with Metacam


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Tuesday 26th July 2016
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Our Springer's arthritis and general wellbeing has improved enormously in the 6-7 weeks since he started on Meloxidyl, it's brilliant stuff.


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Thursday 23rd March 2017
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I had one senior on metacam for arthritis.
seemed fine on that for a year or more until she died.
my problem BIG TIME is with LOXICOM which having read some other forums and seeing what happened to another senior I had (totally healthy and full of life BEFORE he had a drop!) I am 9% convinced it killed him in less than 2 months and e wasn't even having it every day.
he was ill after the first dose.
he was occasionally sick at times anyway, so didn't think much of it.
until within DAYS he became confused at times and looked worried.
seemed to be unsure who I was or how I would react to him at various times.
he enjoyed his daily walk in general, but that became the ONLY time he seemed happy.
he went downhill so fast it was unbelievable.
I felt so guilty for several weeks after he was pts.
I will NEVER give a dog LOXICOM ever again!
evil stuff.


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Thursday 23rd March 2017
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  • 99%* convinced.
I should also add one of the current dogs always wees dozens o times a day, but the other 3 on it also started needing a wee much more often.
drinking did not seem to increase (not noticeably) so very deceiving.
vet says loxicom couldn't be responsible but I knew my dog!
he reacted from day 1 and declined rapidly.
when I stopped his loxicom it made no difference -and like i say,i stopped giving it to him every day and gave once or twice a week.
(believing it couldn't be the lox)
on his last day at the vets, he peed BLOOD.
his kidney failure levels were higher than the vet had EVER seen!


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Thursday 23rd March 2017
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Loxicom is meloxicam, same ingredient as Metacam, just made by a different company.

As with us some people will react a lot more violently to Ibuprofen than others.

It is why older animals being started on it should have bloods and urine tested and the pros and cons weighed up and any adverse reactions stop the medications immediately. My cat can't tolerate Metacam which is awkward as she needs it sometimes but I can't give it to her. She has steroids now instead.

I am very sorry for what you went through, it is difficult to know what to do for the best sometimes frown


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Friday 24th March 2017
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We had to switch our working cocker from Metacam to Onsior as it was upsetting his tum.

He was only on Onsior for a short time, we had to have him PTS last friday (unrelated as far as I know).


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Monday 27th March 2017
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Our old Staffie a rescue dog so not truthfully sure of age was on metacam the last three weeks and it seems to have made a big difference, much livlier again and quite happy to go her walks again.


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Saturday 1st April 2017
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The vast majority of dogs cope with meloxicam without any issue, some suffer with a mild gastroenteritis and a very small minority will have complications that lead to the death of the animal.

It should only ever be used under the guidance of a vet, and ideally blood and urine should be monitored. It should be stopped and your vet consulted immediately if you have any vomiting or diarrhoea.


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Saturday 1st April 2017
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Our Staffy is 11, she had Metacam for a short while... on vets advice we then started her on Glucosamine instead - instant puppy! Within a couple of days she was running about like someone not right. Two years later and she gets two tablets with her dinner every day, and is still fit energetic and able!