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Wednesday 25th April 2012
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Life Saab Itch said:
Speed addicted said:
I fking hate horses. Big stupid dangerous things that may well panic for no reason at all at any point.
So horse crap is OK but dog crap is vile? Do you want horse crap in your house or car?
How about eating the stuff if you go through it on a mountain bike or crashing the motorbike because you hit it on the road.
I am a mountain biker and have been a biker. Again, horse st isn't the prefered choice of stuff to have flicked into your mouth, but it's a darn sight better than dog st. fk knows what dogs eat to make them produce such vile st, but it's wrong.

Speed addicted said:
st is st, they need to clean up after themselves.

I do clean up after the dog and it disgusts mhen people don't, but horses produce about 900 times as much of the stuff. Glue and steaks are the way forward.
st may be st, but dog st is worse than horse st. Massively worse. Volumes don't come into it.

The one reason I refuse my Wife's requests to have a dog is that I absolutely refuse to clean up it's st. I also refuse to zig-zag my way through my garden around piles of chemical weapons.

I fking hate dogs and it's 100% down to their st.
Human st is not very nice either but your mother put up with it for a while (probably still is). It's very different when it's your dog, I pick up my dogs st but I'd never change your nappy.