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Cat with eye ulcer



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Thursday 4th October 2012
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Hi all,

Noticed one of our 3 cats was keeping his eye closed on Sunday night, improved a lot Monday/Tuesday (he was keeping his eye open but it still seemed inflamed) so took him to the vets who said he had an ulcer in one eye.

Prescribed drops (Chloramphenicol) which we have been trying to give him 3 times a day (6.30am, 5pm, 11pm) though it is not easy as to say he doesn't like it is an understatement.

He went back to the vets tonight and they seemed pleased that he was making good progress and the ulcer had nearly gone - whereas in the 1st visit to vet after dropping some dye in it was a medium sized spot visible to the naked eye, this time round it was a much smaller dot that could only be seen under a blue light.

However, get him home tonight and he has gone to sleep for a few hours, and now his eye seems poor again (he is keeping it shut a lot again) - only a few hours after the trip to the vets. He gets very stressed throughout the trip to the vets and giving him the eye drops which I guess cannot help.

Anyone have any ideas? He has just gone out again and it doesn't seem to be bothering him (appetite fine, generally behaving as normal). If he is no better by lunchtime tomorrow I will take him to the vets again earlier than the planned Monday appointment (think it's a different vet on tomorrow so second opinion)


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Friday 5th October 2012
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I would suspect that he's abrading the cornea either by rubbing at it or maybe because of the eyelid setup on a cat. If it improved and then relapsed I'd suggest its been damaged again.
Usually I would expect a bacterial ulcer to clear up in a few days with chloramphenicol - but that's in people who understand not to rub at it. The eye being close isn't itself an issue as it will feel more comfortable to the cat so they are less likely to bother it.
Keep using the drops - they don't taste very nice so another reason for him not to like it. It might help to get a bit more lubrication on to the eye too. Something like hypromellose drops wouldn't hurt. About £3 from your local pharmacy.

If this doesn't work then back to the vet as it may not be bacterial in source in which case antibacterials won't help. But it probably is and just needs chance to heal unhindered.