Bird Table visitors

Bird Table visitors


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Thursday 15th July
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Following on from previous threads where people have posted about pesky pigeons and squirrels, I thought I would post about the interesting range of birds and animals we get on ours.
I don't have any problems with anything helping itself to a quick snack, I guess the are all busy trying to raise young.

On a daily basis are the usuals;
Sparrows, Tits, Robins, Finches, Pigeons, Rooks, Jays, Magpies and this morning a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
Also we get Squirrels including their young and the occasional fat Rat.

Quite entertaining but frustrating for the dogs as the feeder is on the other side of the fence. smile


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Thursday 15th July
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This is one of the random things that Covid and WFH has brought to me, as the window of my desk at home now overlooks the feeders in mine and the neighbours garden.

We've got a squad of goldfinches mostly, with the odd robin, green finch and black cap. A jay turned up once, but only once that I saw. Couple of blackbirds as well as the usual fking fat pigeon.

What have you got out?

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Thursday 15th July
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Good thread!

Love my bird feeders, regularly get Blue Tits, Great Tits, Green Finches, Gold Finches (My favourite) Blackbirds, Thrush, Crows, Magpies, Robins, Tree Sparrows & fat Wood pigeons & less fat Collared Doves, along with the Squirrels trying to break in. I’ve No More Nails’ed the feeders so they are now beaten at last!

Sometimes get Long Tailed Tits, Green & spotted Woodpeckers, Chaffinch’es & also had a Redwing this winter.

Have had unfortunate visits from Sparrow Hawks & the odd Buzzard now & again also……


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Thursday 15th July
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We had loads of feeders out and were getting all the usual suspects (except Squirrels, strangely) including Jackdaws, Crows and Magpies (we back onto farmland) but the next visitors were some quantity. They made their home under the old shed and then started raiding the flowerbeds for snails. Now spring is over, we've gradually removed the feeders and they'll only go back at the start of winter. Also removed the shed and found literally hundreds of snail shells under the floor! Still see a lot of birds, but happily, no Rats for weeks now.


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Thursday 15th July
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We get Sparrows, Collared Doves, Pigeons, Magpie, Thrush, Black birds, Robins, Great tits, Chaffinch, Crows, Gulls and a massive flock of starlings to name a few.