I thought it would be nice to have a list of pets. It's great to see everyone's 4 legged friends - keep 'em coming!

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Pet Image Pet Name About your pet Owner Video
George George is a 2 year old Bearded Dragon. He's very friendly, likes being wrapped in his blanket and falling asleep on us every evening. He's a real character! DunkVeloce Video
Boris Boris is the most adorable 8 year old Bengal. He is gentle, affectionate, intelligent and can be rather amusing. Parakitamol Video
Boo Boo is a 12 year old rescue moggie. She is very very timid and spends her days hiding under the stairs. Parakitamol Video
Wilhelm Wilhelm is nearly 2 years old, he is a miniature smooth haired Dachshund who barks a lot, he's very affectionate. AKA Inch High Private Eye - Spends his days checking out movements of people in the neighbourhood Parakitamol Video
Wolfgang Wolfgang is a 1 year old miniature wirehaired Dachshund, very affectionate, very timid, frightened of other dogs/noise/wind/cars/birds/everything Parakitamol Video
Molly RIP AMLK None
Jackson Mental but fabulous Springer. Getting a bit slower now at about 8 years but a huge amount of fun Rouleur None yet
Meg Retired (rescue) racing Greyhound. Around nine years old. Best dog in the world. Kiltie Click
Carter 18 months old, and more like a dog than a cat Penny-lope
Shelby Gentle giant and a Diiiirty dog who loves playing in muddy puddles Tow Vehicle Rqrd Coming soon
Hector Hungarian Vizsla from Chipping Norton. Likes Sepultura and lager Jovial Joe None
Ava Bi polar tortie and white two and a half year old mentallist who I utterly adore Paulmurr None
Monty Rescued with Domino from an agressive rabbit. About as cheeky as Guinea pigs get, very intelligent too The Racing Rat Coming Soon
Domino Loves cucumber more than anything, more like a small cat than a guinea pig The Racing Rat Coming Soon
Eddie Retired (rescue) racing Greyhound.5 years old really happy and affectionate seems to be loving his new home. gog440 Video
Bonnie French Bulldog who loves visiting schools on behalf of the Pets as Therapy charity. Chew monster - likes to destroy dog toys! C C Video
Spike Bulldog. Big softy who loves people, enjoys Pets as Therapy visits. Hobbies include snoring loudly and hogging the sofa. C C Video
Rosie Typical vocal, escapologist Beagle MartinQ Video
Marmite An RSPCA rescue at ~6yrs. no history. Now ~9 yrs old. couldn't ask for a friendlier loving cat. Now rules the house and the dog! Marmite chosen as her name 'love 'em or hate 'em' with cats, plus she would so timid at first she'd only come to us for marmite on toast! mr2mk1chick Video
Raiden 10 yr old Lancashire Heeler (Foxthyme Bailey) Had a good agility career to intermediate, but now retired. loves: cars, toys, walkies. Hates: being bossed by our cat marmite! mr2mk1chick Video
Buddy & Bella Buddy left, Bella Right, both Beagles both mental moosed Video
Tiggy Tabby and white male, age 7, adopted when his family moved away, rules our house and all who live here lol mubby Video
Binky and Asbo left, Asbo male aged 4, right, Binky female age 6,both large French lop rabbits,live indoors in winter and in a custom made shed with run in good weather. mubby Video
Magic Male fancy rat aged 1, lives alone after being bullied and seems to enjoy having his own bachelor pad! mubby Video
Spice Female fancy rat aged 2.5,Brown and white hooded rat, probably the most friendly girly rat we have. mubby Video
Cinnamon Female fancy rat aged 2, our chunkiest girly who never says no to a treat! just watch your fingers or she will have that too!! lol mubby Video
Ruby Female fancy rat aged 2, Siamese with red eyes, Ruby had a stroke at just a few months old but has adapted brilliantly and doesn't let it stop her! mubby Video
Sapphire Female fancy rat aged 4 months, the youngest of our girls. mubby Video
Rocky JRT x Patterdale rehomed via an advert on Gumtree. His tail never stops wagging! Chris_h None
Lily Lily is my first cat, i have had her from a little kitten, she is completely crazy! garrykiller Video
Letty Ex-feral kitten, now about as un-feral as they come. BlackVanDyke None
Daffy Ex-feral kitten, the only one of my cats who actually behaves like a cat. Typical mental tortie. BlackVanDyke None
Figaro Hand-reared abandoned kitten, thinks he's a puppy. Comes to a whistle, fetches stuff you throw etc. BlackVanDyke None
Alfie (top) and Ollie (bottom) Rough and smooth Yorkshire Terriers. Alfie is laid back, Ollie isn't. Both are very placid. CommanderJameson None
Toby 9 weeks old and a little camera shy, Cocker Spaniel - show line, I've never owned a dog before so looking forward to working with him and getting to know him. Tumbler None
Dizzee What's fastest: a TVR or a Greyhound? Ans: A Greyhound in a TVR. Dizzee used to race at Sunderland. She's retired now and has become a Pistonheader. Bob Falfa Too fast to capture on tape
Toby A Cairn that's a throwback to his ancestors who me ? Video
Jeeves Wire Fox Terrier - still in the "chewing" phase - life has changed for the foreseeable future biggrin Smiler. not yet
Dave White Whitey was a local stray that just came through the cat flap one winter, plopped himself in front of the wood stove, and never left. He'll happily sit on my tummy for hours, if he can, and will meow at you until you acknowledge him in some way. TheHeretic Video
Smudge Smudge was a cat I got from an English lady over here in BG. She was moving back to the UK and needed to rename. She is a docile, easy going wee girl. She is the killer in the family, however, and brings a pretty constant stream of moths, lizards and snakes for me to eat. TheHeretic No video. She never does anything to warrant such a thing.
Wally Wally was a stray a friend found down by a river. She took him in, and I took him after his shots were done. Lovely little fella, if a little stupid. Likes nothing more than to watch a YouTube video of other dogs, and howl along with them TheHeretic Video
Binks unplanned kitten from wifes workmates cat given a home, he is very funny and full of life Athlon to follow
Biscuit A very pleasant tabby cat ClassicMotorNut No.
Pinto Delights in jumping on the conservatory roof and miaowing outside my window in the middle of the night. Believes Scalextric cars are mice. ClassicMotorNut No.
Watchstrap Was a very boring bearded dragon that my daughter got fed up with as a pet. Lorneg No
Terri Terri is around 6 years old, previously a breeding rabbit, loves cuddles, dislikes treats? Gizmo https://youtu.be/r8nEMXQNgI8
Gareth Gareth is 9 years old, I've had him since he was a baby, he tolerates cuddles, loves treats! Gizmo https://youtu.be/XIcse42UmnQ
Cinders She is a rescue rabbit so is nowhere near as brave as Gareth is, spends most of her time hiding in a veg box Gizmo https://youtu.be/h9zKjeSwqy4