Sciatica/back pain

Sciatica/back pain



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Sunday 22nd August
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EFH189 said:
You genuinely have my deepest sympathy. I can relate to a lot of your sentiment, particularly the difficulty around socialising and how much a serious back problem can impact upon your whole life, it’s definitely been a factor in my own divorce. Congratulations though on meeting someone who is accepting of your situation, that’s amazing to read! Maintaining a positive outlook is also key to managing this, I wish you all the best for the future.
Thanks - I wish you all the best too in your own situation. I feel the CES stuff helped set me up mentally for the divorce stuff which followed and at one point made my physical health seem like the least of worries, such was the extent of the strain I felt mentally.

Things couldn't have worked out better in the end, in terms of my new relationship. My only worry now is how badly things might deteriorate as I age, as the neurological damage will become harder to compensate as the body weakens. All my doctors emphasise the importance of general health and fitness, and weight management, so thats my primary focus now.

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Monday 23rd August
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so glad im not the only one, ongoing back pain is so miserable, especially when the cause has been missed. In a nutshell took a fall downstairs early hours last feb, tripped over dog, feet first, husband managed to get me back into bed, with some bruises and scrapes, 4 hours later screaming when trying to get out of bed, called ambulance, who said had probably broken some ribs, take paracetamol, didnt want to take me in for xrays (obs right before covid lockdown in march), 2nd morning screaming again, managed to get dressed, defo going into hospital, ambulance called as i couldnt move, same situation. so slept downstairs 4 weeks, signed off 4 weeks, saw so many different gps, either in person or via phone, and finally one picked up that i have osteopenia, colieac disease, am down to 7 1/2 stone so maybe something has broken, as back still not better despite strong painkillers.

got sent for an xray, when the xray was being taken, the face of the nurse was distressing, she asked when i fell, turns out i have a wedge shape fracture T12, that happened in feb 2020, july 2020 only picked up. so MRI scan, then ct scan, fracture clinic appointment, which as the bones have healed all beit in an awful way, advised to try injections into the nerves, which didnt work or didnt help, especially when having this procedure the nurse kept asking for direction from a more senior doctor, not reassuring atall. then finally referred to a therapist who's working on the pysical side but also the mental side of the delays - ph's definately right, what works for one person with physio, will deffo not help some one else.

did find what seemed like very basic exercises, definately helped but as shown by therapist so bespoke to whats going on with me.

thanking for the chance to rant!! this pain been driving me nuts!!


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Monday 23rd August
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I suffer from Sacroiliitis and have degenerative osteoarthritis in my lower back. Only thing that's worked for me (and worked really well) is Pilates. It appears that strengthening your core muscles reduces pressure and strain on those areas. Sacroiliitis is a particular bugger as, when the joint is swollen, it can compress the sheath that the Sciatic nerve runs through, so you get crippling leg pain.


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Monday 23rd August
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Is it lower back pain that is being felt in the glutes and travlling down into the upper rear of the leg?
Easily remedied with exercises...


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Monday 23rd August
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I’m going for a CT scan on my back in a few weeks. Pain so was so bad on Saturday I had to pull out of a family day trip to Salzburg (we live in Austria) frown