Sport 410 vs 380 - early impressions

Sport 410 vs 380 - early impressions


andy tims

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Sunday 12th July
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Had my second drive in the 410 this afternoon.

What a thing - it's brilliant.

It’s only an extra 30hp but combined with circa 20kg less weight it is certainly noticeable compared to the 380, but the bigger difference is the suspension.

The 3 way nitrons appear to have been set up very nicely for the road. The ride is a bit plusher and better damped so I can get on the power hard and early more often out of those corners that are less than perfectly surfaced i.e. most of them.

The supercharger is much louder than in the 380, but not as high pitched whiny as the Series 2 cars.

My 410 has the optional sound deadening, so supercharger aside, it’s a quieter car.

I understand the sound deadening is just the carpet to the foot wells and the sides of the cills - If that's correct, I might take it out as I prefer the rawness of the extra noise.

Couldn't feel any discernible difference in the braking department - I expect you need track speeds to feel the advantage of the J hook discs.

Looking forward to my first outing on the 3rd of August.

PPF is going on the whole front tomorrow & I'm looking to get the car ceramic coated - recommendations welcome.