Mobile and fixed speed traps

Mobile and fixed speed traps



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Sunday 22nd January 2017
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Just found out the hard way, after a snowboarding trip to Sierra Nevada, that the fixed camera on the way back down the mountain road (km12 of the A395) is working again!
For years it looked like it had been set on fire, and I've flown past it with gay abandon on numerous occasions! However, I've just had a lovely souvenir photo sent through of me doing 73kph in a 60! (45mph in a 37mph limit)
Just a fine, 50euros for prompt payment! Luckily, I was on the phone or I'd have been going much quicker 🤣


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Monday 23rd January 2017
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If you are a "glass half full" kind of guy, then your fine isn't so bad... as stated, they give you a 50% discount for prompt payment. And they only got you once, despite mentioning that you passed it quite happily while making good progress.

Last year in León they turned on a camera that not only I assumed wasn't working, I assumed it only measured traffic on the other side of the street (the side it is mounted on). I happily drove past this radar for months not suspecting a thing.

The b&stards apparently saved up all my infractions over a 4 month period and i got 12 tickets in a 2-week period. True story, and I have the receipts to show it. Any innocence and delusion I might have had about speeding tickets being related to safety and not revenue generation was pretty much taken care of...


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Friday 17th February 2017
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The average speed cameras on the sea side N340 A7 section in Mijas (in between La Cala and Fuengirola) have been dismantled - god knows why its the only ever camera I have thought was a good idea.

I live here and commute that section and cycle it from time to time (well I did cycle when the cameras were working).

So many accidents take place here just before La Cala (lorries rolling onto the beaches, a lorry load of melons all over the road last week - fnaar fnaar) the cameras did seem to stop it.

But they probably weren't earning their living so they were taken down when they painted the passenger bridges recently :-)

No to say they won't be back soon :-)


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Thursday 23rd February 2017
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New style fixed laser traps here up in Cataluña, not too well hidden, but you need to take your eyes off the road ahead when zipping about in the city. I spotted a trap as I passed through Eixample

Seat Altea XL with black windows rear side, back, park at 15`to normal to get the angle they need, or park in unusual or illegal places, including motorway centre sections, junction entries and especially motorway services, rest areas, 0parked at the exit usually for passing cars.

Service stations usually have a small concrete block mounted gates type on the entry, just as it signs 40...