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Mini Coupe



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Tuesday 7th March 2017
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Has anyone successfully imported a Mini Coupe to Spain? My friend's having huge problems importing one for the UAE because apparently they weren't sold in Spain.


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Tuesday 7th March 2017
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Strange. I am *certain* I've seen Minis registered in Spain. Long story made short, and I am not answering the question, but I just put a deposit down on a Spanish-registered DeTomaso Innocenti Mini this week. I know that there are many registered in Spain

Here's something that may be of use on the other hand... I am currently registering my motorcycle in Spain, which wears US plates and is a model that is confirmed was never having been sold here. I'm about 75% through the process, but found that registering it as a Historical Vehicle allows you to cross various (expensive) hurdles that an individual would have to cross otherwise and might even be impossible. The motorcycle isn't really a classic - it's just old :-) So a Mini could no doubt be registered as a classic car.