Running a muscle car in Spain?

Running a muscle car in Spain?


Vince Noir

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Thursday 24th May 2018
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Hi guys,

So, looks like an opportunity is coming up to move to Spain with my present employer. It’ll either be Malaga, Alicante or Palma de Mallorca and am seriously considering scratching the mustang (or equivalent) itch when we get there. However, I’ve read some damning threads on here about general car ownership in Spain, let alone running something other than an A to B box, particularly regarding servicing and other drivers not caring about dinging your car.

Has anyone had any positive experience with muscle cars etc, over there? As it stands I’m assuming that getting a long term renter is the best way to start, and to generally avoid second hand cars other than those of enthusiasts.


Duke of Kidderminster

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Thursday 24th May 2018
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Unless it’s garaged and never parked in public it will slowly get dinged, scratched, lent against, and driven into. There is a reason that most cars are knackered.

Spain has the an actual term that goes “parking con el oido” which means “parking with hearing”. This is where, when reversing into a space, they keep going until they hear contact with the car behind them. Then they roll forward until they hear contact with the car in front. Then repeat this until the parking manoeuvre is complete.

If you want a nice car then you need to accept the above and move on, or just don’t park it publicly.

Anyway, it’s a Mustang. Beautiful car!

I may be exaggerating you might think but I see this daily.