Espiritu del Jarama 2018 - Spainish FOS -

Espiritu del Jarama 2018 - Spainish FOS -


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Tuesday 9th October 2018
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This weekend is the Spirit of Jarama in Madrid. For those that don´t know about it or are intersested, it is an event at the circuit this Saturday and Sunday.

I have been the last two years and if you´re free it´s worth a visit.

It tries to be like a cross between the Goodwood FOS and The Revival mixed with some modern Racing to fill the gaps. The first year it had a round of F4 and last year I think it was the Clio Cup . There have also been historic F1 demos (70s -80s) Porsche 917 etc.

This year I´m booked up in the classic parking and hopefully at the end of the day they´ll let us do a few parade laps.

So if you´re in Spain and into cars it´s well worth a few hours drive to see.