Madrid based PHers

Madrid based PHers



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Thursday 28th November 2019
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There is a car advertised on that is supposedly in Madrid. The price is, in my view, too good to be true. Emails with the vendor are triggering a few alarm bells but likewise could be genuine. He states that he is moving to Estonia for work reasons and hence the sale.

He also states, "In the case of a sale, I could send the vehicle to your home through an international transport company that offers a complete service and also, before buying it, you will have it tested for a few days at your home."

Now this to me sounds almost a bit like the "I will send you money" scams of old, albeit I dont really see how that works with a car. It seems odd to me though as he has no idea where I am based so to make this offer up front adds to my already large suspicions. Is there anyone in Madrid that fancies checking it out?!


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Friday 6th December 2019
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hello sir

non related to your post

but as you are based in Madrid i was wondering if you enjoyed your life there and why ?

i currently live in Switzerland and can move to the office in Madrid if i want

appreciate your thoughts

good luck with the car too ;-)