Show off your Subaru!!

Show off your Subaru!!



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Tuesday 11th June 2019
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My newly imported JDM legacy GT. Just waiting on registration from DVLA


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Wednesday 12th June 2019
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cheesesliceking said:
Mmmmm Bug
Loving the carbon offset theme with the bike on top.


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Sunday 23rd June 2019
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|[/url]. My little bundle of fun 😁


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Tuesday 25th June 2019
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Mine is the blue one 😊


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Sunday 7th July 2019
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Sent to me by an American friend who lives in SoCal


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Monday 8th July 2019
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My new to me WRX RA. 300bhp Scoobyclinic build + 1195kg + front plated diff + rear 1.5 Kaaz diff = quite lively!

Great fun for the weekend and after 7 Subaru's, I don't know why I didn't go JDM sooner!


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Wednesday 17th July 2019
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Had this the last month or so. It's pretty good.


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Sunday 21st July 2019
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Saturday 19th October 2019
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Out with the old.

in with the new.


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Thursday 21st November 2019
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Hi new here this is my beast

That was at the Macmillan cancer trust charity cleveleys car show hosted by twisted performance 2019
Here she is after a bath(taken last year before I got the front splitter)

Hope you like it.


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Thursday 28th November 2019
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Friday 29th November 2019
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Not exactly what this thread is aimed at however it is a Subaru.

My WRX converted BRAT, not quite finished, but nearly there..


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Tuesday 17th December 2019
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Owned since 1998. Originally bought in Australia but moved to Cyprus in 2001. Now a track car and undergoing a full rebuild. Engine and widebody.


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Wednesday 18th December 2019
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Ritchie335is said:
Not exactly what this thread is aimed at however it is a Subaru.

My WRX converted BRAT, not quite finished, but nearly there..

Excellent! thumbup


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Thursday 26th December 2019
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This is my Subaru Forester 2.5X, I bought it 6 years ago. I often use it in my daily commute.

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Monday 20th January 2020
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My STi RA on the Yorkshire moors today.


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Friday 24th January 2020
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typera said:
My STi RA on the Yorkshire moors today.


Wanna swap for a V6 sti and a clio 172 haha


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Thursday 6th February 2020
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Wheels refurbed and a bit tidying up and a valet and for 15yo the old girl looks quite tidy


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Monday 10th February 2020
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Hi all, first post on PH, here is my blobeye, this picture from a banzai photoshoot a couple of years ago, its running 677bhp on syvecs flex fuel, currently looks the same but undergoing a suspension refresh this winter, look forward to chatting with some likeminded people smile


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Friday 13th March 2020
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My landyacht. Bought October last year after a very long search for everything from a Focus ST, through to STI Wagons. wasted about £800 of the budget traveling allmost the length and breadth of the country looking at utter ste examples that were poorly advertised or the dealers just beign absolute bellends.

Anyway, as usual in these searches you spend ages looking for one and then the one you really need turns up on the doorstep!

Its a 2005 3.0 H6 Outback, clocked just over 110k, think it was used as a caravan/boat tow car for last 3 years as its only covered 3k in that time. Everything worked fine on it up until recently with the osf caliper seizing. changed and flew through its MOT so now the fun begins of making sensible changes to it.
It is the new baby bus afterall.